Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Heat

It is 97 degrees out. The Weather Channel website says the humidity is only 39%, but that it feels as if it's 102 degrees out. I believe it. We're all hanging out in our tiny bedroom, taking advantage of the air conditioning unit we put in the window last night. It's supposed to stay in the 90's until Wednesday.


I went running last Friday, as well as on Tuesday, even though it was 85 degrees that day. But 90 degrees? That seems a whole lot warmer than 85!

The Bear slept all through church today. 2 of our friends took turns holding him, which was nice, especially since I hadn't been in church for 2 weeks & Roy hadn't been for 3. It felt great to be back.

So today will consist of as much lounging and beverage-drinking as possible. Tomorrow will most likely be more of the same! Roy is still sick, so he could use the rest.


Randy said...

It always astounds me to be reminded that some people in this world don't have central air conditioning.

I pray you all survive :).

Kristen's Raw said...

Maybe some chilly green smoothies made with frozen bananas will help cool you off.

OR....BETTER YET...watermelon is VERY cooling on the body. I feel like my temperature immediately drops after eating a cup or so of the pink goodness.


Brenna Kate said...

I made a green smoothie today! And yesterday, I made a fruit smoothie, sort of inspired by your version of the green slurpee, except no green powder. I can't have wheat grass.