Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vegetable (or Fruit) Confession

I have a confession to make.

I didn't, until tonight, know for sure what okra looks like.

We got some callaloo greens in our organic produce delivery this week. I found a soup recipe on-line that calls for okra, so I headed to the store. I knew they had it in the freezer section, but I saw what I thought was okra in the overripe fruit & veggie rack. So I grabbed a pack and started asking random customers, "Do you know if this is okra?"

I asked 3 people. No one knew.

So, I bought it anyway.

I went to the Arabic produce store, and they had what I thought was okra. So I asked the woman working there if it was okra, and it was.

I think the only time I've had okra, it was battered and deep-fried. Pretty sad!


Randy said...

What? I was raised on fried okra. I am serious. And what's really really odd ... I went to Cracker Barrel with the Chambers tribe and guess what one of my side orders was ...?

Yup... fried okra :).

Brenna Kate Simonds said...

Shows how much of a Northerner I am!

heather said...

That's kind of hilarious. I'm from Ohio, but I remember we had it with school lunches sometimes. I didn't much enjoy the sliminess (though Alton Brown says that's a product of poor cooking method--duh, it was a SCHOOL LUNCH).

Brenna Kate Simonds said...

I have to laugh at "Duh- it's school lunch!" I was raised by a natural foods hippie, and I loved my processed school lunches. It was my only time to eat junk! I imagine I wouldn't feel the same way today if I had to eat that all week long :)