Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We bought a used jogging stroller this weekend off of my local mom's list. It's a pretty nice stroller, and we got a good deal, but it's a lot heavier. I had to walk up several hills, but I was still able to meet the time I ran in the route in last time, even though last time I ran Bear-less. So that's pretty good!

In other news, I think my blender is going to die soon. It's just not built for making green smoothies. I still can't justify a $400 blender purchase, though, and was hoping to get a dehydrator first before I splurge on the blender.

Bear is getting closer and closer to saying actual words. This morning, I thought he said "dog" (that would be his first word, huh?) and then when the sitter came, it sounded as if he greeted her. She even said, "Did he just say hello?"

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