Monday, November 10, 2008

Food Updates!

I'm slacking in my food updates!

Breakfast: Eggs & Toast
Lunch: Leftover Lentil Soup & Green Smoothies
Dinner: Burgers, Fries and tons of salad
Dessert: Chocolate Cake (from Bob's Red Mill GF mix)

Breakfast: Eggs & Toast
Lunch: Leftover Beans & Rice
Dinner: Leftover Lentil Soup

Breakfast: Coconut Yogurt, Flax Meal & Oats with Concord Grapes & Peanut Butter Toast
Lunch: Leftover Lentil Soup, Peanut Butter Toast & Green Smoothies
Dinner: Homemade Hummus with Veggies & a bowl of cereal

I got some serious scores this week at the grocery store, so my fridge is full and there's lots to eat :) More recipes will come!

1 comment:

Janey said...

I'm hoping that I'll be in a situation that will make it easier for me to be a little more disciplined with the foods I eat. The past few weeks I've been really bad.

Perhaps by the New Year I'll have everything set up. By the then I should be able to invest in a crockpot and start investing in the right foods.

I'll for sure come back to this blog and take a look at some of your recipes.