Friday, December 5, 2008

Sunshine by the Spoonful

There's a small beam of light that is coming in the window next to my desk.

This morning, Bear decided to try & get it in his spoon :) He was very slow & deliberate about it, and we cheered, "Good job!", though he never quite did get the light to stick to his spoon.

Children are so precious.


Randy said...

awww... Signs of inquisitiveness, ingenuity and ... awesomeness.

Paige said...

Oh how sweet is that!! I miss that boy. Let's see if we can all get together at Christmas; I think we'll be at Mum's on Christmas Eve, but it's not definate yet.
Give N. big hugs for me and tell him I love him. Tell him I said thanks for making Auntie smile :-)

ElephantKisses said...

I love how innocent and curious kids are. It makes me melt.