Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bear Talkin'

Bear has decided to say a few words since we've been in California. Prior to this point, all he has consistently said is "Sees", his word for nursing, which has sort of morhped into his word for "Yes", and he also occasionally says "No".

He has said "Baby" several times.

He says "Shooka shooka", what we call brushing our teeth (a quote from Flight of the Conchords). He loves to brush his teeth.

He has said "Oh boy".

I can't think of anything else. Bear sure is fun :)


Kat said...

awww I love first words!! Congrats!

ElephantKisses said...

He is too cute for words!...wait...that didn't come out right!

Heather said...

The other day, when we were playing with the spoon at the window, I asked him "Is this spoon for *you*, or for *me*?" and I really think he said "Me!" back. And grinned, of course.

I love his personality.