Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Still Here - And I'm On A Diet!

I'm alive! I took a couple weeks off of "Mostly Raw Monday" for several reasons:

1. The "aquapocalypse"(I don't think it's considered "raw" to wash your produce in boiled water that takes 12 hours to cool down because it's 85 degrees outside)
2. I'm on a diet.

Yes, you read that right - this crunchy head, former eating disorder struggler is on a diet!

I gain a lot of weight while pregnant. In my first pregnancy, I gained over 65 pounds. I lost it all, plus 10 more pounds, in about a year. I then gained 10 lbs during my 2nd pregnancy & miscarriage. This 3rd pregnancy, I was more diligent with my eating, but I still gained about 50 pounds. That just seems to be what my body does during pregnancy.

Then after Monkey Bear was born, I was only down 15 lbs from the birth, and my body promptly gained another 10, leaving me at 55-60 lbs more than I was in the fall of 2008. I lost those 10 lbs with quite a bit of effort, but was having trouble getting my weight to budge any more.

So, I'm unofficially doing Weight Watchers. This might strike some as ironic since Weight Watchers was my first diet - and my first diet was a catalyst in sending me toward an eating disorder. But since I know eating disorders are not about food, but about state of mind, and the Weight Watchers plan appeals to me, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm going to join officially once I have a scale that works (I dropped mine on Friday and broke it).

That said, my diet hasn't changed too much. I increased my protein and decreased my fat (I have trouble self-regulating my nut intake!). I'm still eating tons of fruits & veggies, and since greens & cabbage are "free" or "zero point" foods, I can still drink huge green smoothies and eat tons of homemade kraut!

I also bought myself T-Tapp for my 35th birthday (which was on Mother's Day). Some ladies on my mom's message board I'm part of convinced me to try it. I'm still getting the hang of the various moves, but I think it will be fun. And it only takes 15 minutes!

So there's an update. I'll keep you posted on my new, reduced-fat recipes, as well as my weight loss journey.


Anonymous said...

I am doing the Weight Watchers online stuff.

and I am on my third day of the whole ordeal.

I am not grumpy D*$! it!

D*$! = Darn

Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

Randy, I joined on-line a few days ago. I like the flexibility of it, and it seems to be working!