Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hamilton Beach Donut Maker and Gluten Free Donuts!

Sunday night, I found quite the gem at a local thrift store:

A donut maker!!! I had JUST been thinking THAT day how awesome it would be if I could find an easy way to make donuts for my kids. I printed out 3 recipes for gluten free donuts and tried 2 of them on Sunday morning after running 14 miles.

First I made Lemon Donuts (I didn't have any poppyseeds) from the Spunky Coconut blog (a go-to GF blog). I stuck to the recipe, except I added lemon extract and some lemon pulp. I should have doubled the recipe because this made 4 donuts. They were very good, but (in my opinion) the batter was too thick and difficult to use in the donut maker. I did not frost them.

So we decided to try this recipe, a random gluten-free donut recipe I found by working the Google on the internet machine.

OK, first of all, the image for the recipe is clearly cut & paste from Krispy Kreme's website or something. Your donut will not look that that. Anyway, I mostly followed the recipe, but I added cinnamon & about 10 drops of Vanilla Creme Liquid Stevia.

Here are some of the cinnamon donuts cooking:

And here are some lemon and cinnamon donuts all done:

I love this little machine! The only drawback of the Hamilton Beach Donut Maker is, ok, 2 drawbacks: 1) it only makes 2 donuts at a time and 2) the bottom of the donut is more well-done than the top. Once we realized this, we simply flipped the donuts about 3 minutes in (they need to cook about 5-6 minutes).

If you ever see one of these beauties at a yard sale or thrift store, definitely pick one up!


Anonymous said...

Thx for the post. I just found my moms donut maker and am waiting for the dough to rise so that I may begin using it :)

Brenna Kate Simonds, Living Unveiled said...

Awesome! How did it go>

Jane Chronister said...

Does anyone have the recipe book for the Hamilton Beach 200 donut maker? I have the maker, but I misplaced my recipe book.
Please contact me at lady_jain2000@yahoo.com

Thank you!

Brenna Kate Simonds, Living Unveiled said...

Jane, it didn't come with the recipe book. Sorry!

Jmc ender said...

Jane, at this page there were a couple of recipes from the book for this donut maker. I have it also and can't find my book either. The Good Morning Donuts were always our favorites.

Ellyn Chan said...

I found my Hamilton Beach donut maker in the back of the cabinet, but I need the power cord – any ideas?

Brenna Kate Simonds, Living Unveiled said...

Did you contact Hamilton Beach? That would be my first idea. It's unlikely they have one, but you never know!