Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marathon Training, Week 1

I settled on a marathon training plan this past week (after trying it out 2 weeks ago). It looks something like this.

Weekly Marathon Training Plan
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Morning yoga/stretching and evening track workout
Wednesday: Longer Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Cross-training
Saturday: Shorter run (before I go to Weight Watchers at 7:15 AM)
Sunday: Long run

With the exception of Tuesday, I always run first thing in the morning.

Tuesday evenings, I will run a coached track workout with the running club when I am able to make it. I'm aiming for 2 weeks out of 3. If I can't make that workout, I'll run a morning workout.

Wednesday's run will be 6-11 miles.

Friday, I will do cross-training. I'll be trying different workouts to see what's a good fit and sharing that here.

Since I'm having trouble with my right leg, I decided cross-training and extra stretching is important.

I will train for 18 weeks. Every 3 weeks, I will bring my mileage down for the sake of recovery.

This is what my first week looked like:
Monday, 6/4: Rest (day after hardest race of my life)
Tuesday, 6/5: Morning yoga/stretching
Wednesday, 6/6: Longer Run (4.25 miles)
Thursday, 6/7: Rest
Friday, 6/8: Cross-training (I used the elliptical for 30 minutes, the Stairmaster for 10, & ran a treadmill mile in 8:30)
Saturday, 6/9: Shorter run (3.46 miles)
Sunday, 6/10: Long run (8.16 miles)

A couple of comments on this week:
It was a bit of a strange starting week for numerous reasons. I was in race recovery mode after a particularly challenging race. Track was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. I did a shorter run than usual on Wednesday because I was still recovering from the race and wanted to make sure my body worked. Friday's cross-training gave me a minor shin splint (I think it was the Stairmaster), and so I took it easy for the weekend.

I ran 16.87 miles this week. It's a start.

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