Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Heat & More Running

Since it's supposed to be super-hot again today, and since we were up early, I went running this morning. It was only about 75 degrees with 85% humidity. Youch. I only did one lap, and I left the Bear at home with Roy, but took Noodles. About halfway through the run, Noodles finally decided he didn't like being pulled along & decided to keep up. It might have something to do with him stopping to "do his business" at about the halfway point. I tried to encourage him to do it in the yard before he left, but he just sat there, looking at me. So off we went.

We'll be going on at least one long walk up to the grocery store today, as I'm running out of greens for my green smoothies. I'm trying to eat/drink one every weekday, up from my goal of 3 a week. Just to clarify, I don't eat them as meals because for some reason, they don't fill me up. I may have one with a meal, but I've tried several times to have these as meals, and I'm always hungry an hour or two later. I know some people eat them as meals, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

The Bear is miraculously sleeping in the bed, so I'm going to try & get a few things done!

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