Monday, June 2, 2008

Sick Household

So Bear's fever got progressively worse last night until it reached almost 105. We called the pediatrician, who sent us to Children's Hospital. I'm glad we went, but boy, was it heart-breaking to watch them work on our Bear! It seems he may have inherited his mom's veins: small & rolly. They tried to stick him to get blood, holding him down while he screamed for what seemed like an eternity, until he literally started foaming at the mouth because he was so upset. They had to have a different nurse come in & try, and she was able to get blood from his hand. His white blood cell counts were elevated, so they sent off his blood to do a culture; we'll know the results in a day or two. His chest x-ray was clear, so no pneumonia. His fever was down to close to 99 degrees by the time we left. By this morning, it was back up to 102, but now it seems to be down again. Poor little guy.

Now Roy has a fever and is home sick from work! So I ran out to the store to stock up on beverages & tissues. Hopefully everyone gets better soon, and I don't get sick myself!

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