Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Bear Improved, the Other Worsens

Baby Bear is getting better. His armpit temperature didn't register above 100 today, which is good since last night, it spiked again to an even higher temp than Sunday night. We even went running today, and somehow he fell asleep, despite the bumps & barking dog (I took Noodles on the 2nd lap). The run was surprisingly easy, despite my unbalanced lunch :) I had some rotisserie chicken and a gluten-free brownie. I generally eat relatively healthily and even had a green smoothie yesterday, so maybe that made up for it. I also had garbanzo flour pancakes with rice protein for breakfast - very scrumptious!

I'm getting more interested in eating raw foods, though I can't eat many of the recipes I find because they all include nuts & seeds. Since I'm currently eating dairy, soy, corn, wheat, nut & mostly seed-free (I occasionally eat pumpkin seeds or tahini), many of the recipes are off-limits to me. I guess I'll just stick with green smoothies for now!

The plan for traveling tomorrow is still up in the air. If Roy is sick, then the Bear & I will travel alone with our friend we are bringing to a recovery program in NH. That should be interesting, as the farthest I've traveled alone in the car with the Bear is less than an hour, and the treatment center is 2-2.5 hours away. Little does my friend know he may be on baby entertainment duty tomorrow!

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Paige said...

Oh no! What did it turn out that N. was sick with?? It's so scary when babies are ill. I'm glad to read in your updated posts that he's doing better. Healing hugs to Roy for us! You stay well too.