Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Travels & Illness

We safely made the trip up to His Mansion today, and Roy did go along, though I think it made his illness worse. And he has to go back to work tomorrow. Poor guy :(

I'm building up my list of blogs to read, and I'm specifically looking for more blogs on finances, simple living, and food :) By "finances", I don't mean "get rich as quick as you can and don't care who you step on to get there". I don't really have time to explain what I mean as there's a Bear trying to climb into my lap, but I mean more like simple living/"Your Money or Your Life"-type stuff.



Beth Dargis said...

Hi Breanna, Niki has a great site on frugality:

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenna. I didn't even remember you were blogging here. very cool.

I don't have any financial blog help :(