Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sleeping In & Yard Sales

My poor husband had to work until the wee hours of the morning to avoid having to work during the weekend, so when Bear woke up at 6 AM, we let Roy sleep in. We went out & ran a couple errands, including a stop at Roy's favorite donut place for some fresh, hand-cut donuts. Once Roy got up, we went out driving, looking for yard sales. We generally just drive by & see if there's anything interesting. The first one or two looked like duds, but we stopped at one soon after that and scored! The woman having the yard sale had 25 cent tapes (yes, we still have a tape player & only a tape player in our car), 25 cent 3-ring binders, as well as a cute, little "Yak Pak" for $1, in the hopes that my Asus would fit in it.

It does! Here it is, entering in to its new home.

Here it is, all tucked away!

Rock on! I told her about the Asus, and she said it sounds perfect for her partner. Cool :)

Then we headed over to a multi-family yard sale that we saw a sign for. It must have been around 1:30 at this point, and there was a big box marked "Free" in front of one of the houses. We got 3 wooden children's puzzles, 2 kid's videos, the whole Anne of Green Gables series, a little lamb porcelain thing that Roy liked, and a 2-tape set for learning conversational Arabic, which is one of 2 languages I'd like to learn (the other being Spanish).

This is not helping the cause of decluttering much. Well, the binders will help because my recipes get strewn across the kitchen by a certain Bear :) But for the most part, we only picked up things we needed or could use. We can only listen to Ian White in the car so many times! It's Bear's favorite, but now he seems to be taking a liking to Chuck Mangione. When I told him that his great grandpa played with Chuck, I think that won him over :)

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Paige said...

Cool day BK! We have missed yard saling and hope to find some next week; not like we "need" a thing, but who goes because they actually NEED something?? LOL It's just a treasure hunt on tour :-) That's neat about Chuck M. my dad loves his music too.