Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Daily Grind (or Blend) & Green Smoothies 101

So, it's back to regular life in the Simonds household. Yesterday, that meant running for 66 minutes, walking 3 miles, and having over a quart of green smoothie. It also meant reacquainting Bear with the front porch (he got all excited as we went out there) and playing outside in the driveway. Bear also ate bread for the 1st time today. It was rice bread made with egg replacer, but bread none the less. I gave it to him while I was cooking breakfast. He kept putting it on the floor and staring at it between bites. Obviously, we're not germaphobes in this house :)

I've gotten a lot of inquiries lately about how to get started making green smoothies. So keep your eyes open for a series of posts I'll call "Green Smoothies 101".

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