Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Green Smoothies on the Road

This post is not about the Exodus conference, per se, except that I'm at the Exodus conference and I'm writing it ;)

Today, I made my 1st green smoothie on this trip. Yesterday, I didn't have a green smoothie, though I had plenty of raw fruits & veggies, including half a bag of spinach. Last trip, almost 3 months ago, was a road trip, so I was able to bring my blender (which means I've been drinking green smoothies well over 3 months!). The blender definitely would not have fit in the suitcase this time, so I brought a simple hand blender. The other half bag of spinach had frozen in our too cold mini fridge, so Roy suggested I make a green smoothie out of it. I blended the drink in a empty spring water gallon jug that I cut the top off of. It took forever..... and ever...... and ever. I can't believe I used to make green smoothies with this thing!

My smoothie included (using some food we brought from home & some from a store run):
Hemp Protein Powder

It came out OK once it finally blended - actually not that different than when I make it at home. I'm waiting for the day when I can upgrade my blender! Roy watched me make a green smoothie at home this past weekend, and our blender takes sooo long. I think it made him appreciate the process all the more.

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Kristen's Raw said...

That's so great about having green smoothies on the road :) Whoo hoo!