Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Running, Bears, Peas & Prep

I've been missing from blog land as we frantically prepare for our trip next week. OK, it's not really frantic :) But there are a lot of last-minute details that need to be worked out. So I'll probably continue to be slightly missing until we return.

I'm back into running mode. I overdid it a few weeks back, and as a result, I only ran twice for the past 2 weeks. The weather hasn't been cooperating, either, but this week, I've already run twice! I'm exhausted now, so I think I'll wait to run again until Thursday or Friday.

I joined a buying club last month & am really enjoying it! They do both a grocery & organic produce order. This month, I got 6 pounds of all-natural, organic, preservative-free hot dogs made from 100% grass-fed beef. We had some for dinner tonight, and wow, you can really tell the difference!

And last, I'll share a little Bear story. He did the cutest thing over the weekend. He's getting really good at his pincher grasp and was feeding himself peas. He looked as if he was getting a little tired from all the work, so I picked up a pea & feed it to him. Then, he picked up a pea & held it out for me to eat! Aw - my heart melted :)


Anonymous said...

I know the pre-conference rush feeling.

... all too well.

Little bear is so cute. ;)

ElephantKisses said...

That is too cute *melts*. I love when kids copy you.

Those hot dogs sound good! I would love to be able to join one in my area soon.

melissa said...

That is sweet :) I've never heard of buying clubs, is it much more cost-effective? I'm so sad to be losing Boston Oganics in my move.

Brenna Kate said...

There are things that are more cost-effective, but you have to buy in bigger quantities. I am buying 5 lb bags of dried organic beans, as well as "cases" of Bob's Red Mill flours for my GF bread. Thankfully, a "case" of Bob's is only 4 bags :)