Thursday, September 18, 2008

Green Smoothies, Soda, Headaches & Caffeine

I've decided that I just can't seem to fit green smoothies into my weekends. I think it's partially because I often do ministry on Saturdays, and then Sundays, I often lead worship at church. And now that we're back to 2 services (we only have 1 service in the summer since we're about half college students and most of them go home), by the time we get home from church, most of the day has gone by. But I've been diligent in having them on the weekdays.

I've been off of caffeine for several weeks now. Unfortunately, about once a month, I get a killer headache that no amount of ibuprofen can chisel away at. So yesterday, I made an Americano with about 10% caffeine, hoping it would help my headache. No difference. I would have just ridden it out except I had a meeting to lead last night & I needed my brain to not be so squished. So I went to the Brazilian convenience store up the street to get a soda. I can't have corn, so I have to drink diet soda, and they have these little 8 ounce glass bottles of soda. So I got a Diet Coke & drank it. Still no relief. I drove to the meeting and went to the store to get another soda, 20 ounces this time, only I grabbed a regular Pepsi by mistake & didn't realize it until I got to the meeting. Fortunately, an awesome friend ran out to the store and got me a cherry-flavored Coke Zero. And it killed the headache. I came home, totally hopped up on caffeine, and Bear was still awake, so I fed him, praying that the caffeine wouldn't affect him too much and that he would sleep. And he slept fine!

Today, I'm back to decaf Americanos and herbal tea :) Right now, I'm drinking Yogi Tea Classic India Spice Tea. Yum :)


heather said...

I got off of caffeine when I was nursing my oldest, and had those headaches off and on for a couple of months. It got better, though I've noticed that I tend to get migraines much more easily. Makes sense since migraines are a product of overly open blood vessels, and caffeine constricts the vascular system.

All that to say, keep it up, it's a good thing!

ma said...

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