Friday, October 3, 2008

Streamlining Spending

I'm searching out more ways to streamline our spending. We only really have one budget category where our spending gets out of hand, and that's food. In every other spending category, we are truly down to the bare essentials and have been for months.

So I've added several money-saving & couponing blogs to my Google Reader:
Free Grabber
Thrifty Mommy
Money Saving Mom

And my newest addition, Super Coupon Girl

She claims to be able to spend under $20 a month for enough groceries to feed two people. She says she buys plenty of organic items, too. She lives on the opposite coast and I don't have access to the same stores as she does, but I'm still keeping an eye on how she does it.

There are several challenges for me to keep our grocery budget down. First, a good number of our grocery staples are not available in traditional grocery stores & they rarely go on sale. Second, some of the staples we use aren't available in stores at all, so I have to get them on-line or from the natural foods buying club I use. Third, we eat a lot of produce. A lot a lot a lot, and I'm not willing to change that. In fact, most of what Bear eats is produce. Bear is consuming more & more solid food, but our grocery budget has stayed the same.

So I'm trying to find more ways to save, and thought I'd pass some of them along to you!

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Beeb said...

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