Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Microwave, No Bread Machine Challenge

I can't wait to post about my new kitchen toys that I got for Christmas, but first I wanted to share a 1-month challenge we're doing in our household.

We've decided to put the microwave & the bread machine in the basement for a month. We reorganized the kitchen a bit & there isn't really room for them, so we put them away until further notice.

It's probably fairly obvious why we're trying to do without the microwave, but I've been recently reading about the dangers of commercial yeast, and so I won't be eating traditional bread for a month. Well, I never eat traditional bread these days since I'm wheat-free, but I won't be eating anything with yeast in it. I'll stick with rice cakes & my new biscuit recipe.


Masters Thesis books said...

Hey Brenna! Whats wrong with yeast? We goggled it after reading your post but couldn't find anything that explained why its not good.


-Janel (and Zach)

Worry Free Melissa said...

hi brenna i have been without a microwave for at least a year or two. Mike is the one who misses it i dont even realize i dont have one until someone is visiting and looking for it.