Friday, March 13, 2009

Dehydrating Day

I was inspired by Money Saving Mom's Baking Day. What a great way to save money & to be productive! I gave up refined sugar & almost all flour for Lent, so I decided to do a dehydrating day!

I got an Excalibur Four-Tray Food Dehydrator as a Christmas gift:

I've only used it a few times because, sort of like the crockpot, using it requires forethought, and that is not my strong point! But I have an overflowing amount of produce right now due to deals on spinach, strawberries, and carrots, and my freezer is already full!

So as I type, I am dehydrating carrot slices, strawberry slices & apple rings at 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Yum!


heather said...

Your spinach/strawberry URL is dead, my love. I just made some soaked/dehydrated almonds in mine today, and I use it to let me bread rise ALL the time!

Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

I fixed the linky :)

Do you use a sourdough starter? I haven't figured out what to do about bread. I just stopped making it since reading Robyn's stuff because we're wheat-free. Do they make a wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free one?

Paige said...

Sounds fun BK! I'd like to get one to dry fruits for the kids.