Monday, August 17, 2009

Hotter Than Should Be Legal: Blueberry "Ice Cream"

It's 91 outside right now, which means it's about 88 inside. We do not have central air, and generally we don't need it. But it's supposed to be 94 tomorrow and then cool off to a brisk 87 on Wednesday. Ugh. Did I mention I'm 6 months pregnant and already having trouble walking? Not fun.

Maybe next time I'll get pregnant in the summer or late, late spring so I can skip this "being massively pregnant in the sweltering heat" stage.

I decided last night to make a variation on this "ice cream". I actually haven't made ice cream this summer at all because I lost the paddle to my ice cream maker, and it can't be replaced. I lent it to a friend during the winter, and somehow in the transaction, one of us lost the paddle. Another friend lent me hers last week, so now I'm good to go again :)

So instead of using strawberries in this recipe, I halved the recipe (this machine is smaller than my old one), used fresh blueberries (2 cups instead of the 1.5 cups that would be a literal "half") and added half of a bourbon vanilla bean. I used the raw, unfiltered honey that I purchased at a road-side farm when I was in Vermont.

Yum! Can you say "yum"? The unique flavor of the honey made it taste so fresh and light. It tastes more like a sorbet than a "milk"-based (albeit coconut & rice) dessert.



Anonymous said...

Yummmm... Sorry you are having that heat without AC and pregnant! I will pray for a cool breeze to follow you.

Linda said...

I'm tired of the heat and I have A/C and I'm not pregnant. You have my sympathy!