Monday, February 1, 2010

Mostly Raw Mondays

I've decided to institute "Mostly Raw Mondays" in my life. I've been quite purposeful about increasing my intake of raw foods, and what better way to continue that purposefulness (I think I made that word up) than to declare Mondays "mostly raw".

The name is a bit misleading because I plan on having a cooked dinner with my family, but breakfast & lunch are high raw with the exception of my hot tea (post-partum brew!).

1 quart of Veggie Smoothie - this is a weird concoction I've been drinking in an effort to eat lots of veggies without chewing as much :) I actually started making it because I had all these organic carrot tops that I wanted to use up.

4 oz Veggie Juice (not raw)
4-6 oz water
Misc. Veggies - today was collard/kale stalks, carrots, celery, red leaf lettuce, half a large cucumber, red pepper, some spinach and some cilantro

2nd breakfast: Raw oats with raisins, chopped sprouted almonds and raw pumpkin seed milk

Snack: banana

Chocolate "Milk Shake": frozen banana, raw pumpkin seed milk, water & Sun Warrior Raw Chocolate Protein (shared this with Bear)
Red leaf salad with red pepper, celery, cukes, avocado, homemade bean sprouts & King Garlic Hemp Dressing
Collard Doritos

Snack: Raw Fudge - I made a third of a batch of this (used agave instead of honey), dumped it into an ice cube tray, and added some cashews and almonds to about half of the cubes. Froze it for a while - ready in about 45 minutes. I had one cube (so far!)

I imagine I'll have a green smoothie later :)

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