Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gluten Free Coupons & Product Feedback

About a month ago, I was looking at Arrowhead Mills site for information on their cornmeal. After I found what I was looking for, I kept surfing until I came accross this page, listing "Gluten Free Flours". For those of us who are gluten-free, you'll notice that the last flour listed is Barley - definitely not gluten-free. So I filled out their contact form to let them know.

They wrote me back soon after, letting me know that they searched the web site, but did not have any luck in finding barley flour listed under Gluten-Free products, and could I send them a link. I did have to navigate a strange way to find it, but I located the page and sent them a link.

The very next day, they wrote me a thank you (like, on actual paper and not via e-mail), and sent me the following:

I'm sort of slow in opening my mail, so I didn't find them until yesterday, and let me tell you - it was like Christmas!

So don't ever hesitate to send retailers your feedback, even if it's just that you love their stuff. You may get a reward in the mail :)

(And can I just say that as I wrote this, Bear picked up the coupons to look at them. I told him to be careful because they were important to Mommy, so he informed me of his intents: "Check on sales! Check on sales! Save $5 cookies." I like to start 'em young!)

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