Monday, July 9, 2012

Marathon Training, Week 5

How is it week 5 already?

It seems every week, there's some reason to not follow the schedule exactly. I'm OK with that :)

This week was preceded by Saturday and Sunday being rest days. There was no track on Tuesday, due to so many running the race on Wednesday. I am taking the train to work now, so it is difficult to do my Friday cross-training and get to work at a reasonable time. I had to do my long run on Saturday because I was leading the music at church on Sunday (long runs mess with my hydration and thus my singing voice).

Monday: 2.5 miles (Rest)
Tuesday: 3.5 miles (Morning yoga/stretching and evening track workout)
Wednesday: Four on the 4th road race (Longer Run)
Thursday: Rest (Rest)
Friday: 3.46 miles (Cross-training)
Saturday: 21.27 miles (Shorter run)
Sunday: Rest (Long run)

Yes. Saturday, I ran 21.27 miles. I was aiming for 20, but MapMyRun lost me at a certain point. It was not easy, but I finished.

I ran 34.73 miles week 5 of marathon training.

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