Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marathon Training, Week 10

I mentioned last week I was discouraged. I wasn't sure my new running shoes were a good fit and was unsure what to do.

At Tuesday's track workout, the coach mentioned I was running strangely and I told him my concerns about my shoes. He said, "Take them back." So I took the rest of the week easy (and in my old shoes) until I could try to find some different shoes on Saturday.

Monday: 45 minutes elliptical, 1.65 mile treadmill (Rest)
Tuesday: 2 x 400m warmup, 1 x 400m @ THRESHOLD, 1 x 800 @ TEMPO, 1 x 1600 @ TEMPO, 1 x 800 @ TEMPO, 2 x 400 @ SPEED: 2nd one was 1:39! (Morning yoga/stretching and evening track workout)
Wednesday: 4.35 mile run (Longer Run)
Thursday: Rest (Rest)
Friday: 50 minutes elliptical (Cross-training)
Saturday: A few short jaunts up & down the street and under the block, trying out shoes (Shorter run)
Sunday: 10.61 miles run, 2 mile hike, during which I carried the dog 90% of the time (Long run)

I really like my new shoes. Really, Really. That's likely evident by the fact that I went out & ran 10.61 miles in them the day after I got them, missing the men's Olympic marathon. The only issue is they might be too narrow. The insides of my big toes hurt afterwards.

They are Saucony Hurricane 14's, basically the new version of the shoe I've run 3 half marathons in.

Yesterday was a rest day, but we'll see how tonight's track workout goes in my new shoes :)

I ran 19.85 miles this week, did 2 cross-training sessions on the elliptical, and hiked 2 miles, carrying my cocker spaniel.

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