Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Marathon Training, Week 8

I traveled this weekend and knew I couldn't do a long run, so I shifted the schedule a bit and rested.

Monday: Rest (Rest)
Tuesday: 400m warmup, 1x1600 threshold, 2x800 tempo, 4x400 speed. Only timed one 400m, but did it in 1:46 :) Not bad! (Morning yoga/stretching and evening track workout)
Wednesday: 4.15 miles (Longer Run)
Thursday: 3.01 miles (Rest)
Friday: 45 minute spin class, 15 minutes elliptical (Cross-training)
Saturday: 3.5 miles (Shorter run)
Sunday: 45 minutes elliptical (Long run)

I ran 13.89 miles this week.

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