Monday, September 17, 2012

22.5 Miles

This is what 22.5 miles looks like, people.

My husband texted me toward the end of the run to say they were leaving for Whole Foods Dedham. I got my phone out of its baggie (it rained) and stammered, "I'm on the corner! Wait for me." I then staggered to the back porch and made him take my picture.

This is also what 22.5109 miles looks like:

You may not be able to tell from this iPhone photo, but my lips are blue. This is apparently my new post-long-run norm. And I wasn't cold, despite it raining for the last 7 miles of my run.

I learned in this run that I can run at least 5 miles on completely exhausted legs. I also learned I can run 22.5109 miles (4 hours 1 minute and 57 seconds) with no music.

Soon I will introduce you to the cause for which I will run 26.2 miles on October 13th.

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