Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Cool Freebies (And Near Freebies!)

I thought I'd share with you guys some sweet deals, as well as easy ways to earn money and gift cards.

Nancy over at Raging Bear Ranch recommended Swagbucks. Basically, you log in and use their search engine (which uses Google & and you win Swagbucks which are redeemable for gift cards. This is the coolest of my "free" recommendations because you are simply being rewarded for something you do anyway! If you want to be referred, simply click on this link and I think I get some credit or something :) I've been using it for a couple of days, and I already have 8 Swagbucks!

I also use Mypoints and InboxDollars. Both programs reward you for reading e-mails and then clicking on the links. The difference is that My Points pays in gift cards, whereas Inbox Dollars pays in cold, hard cash. Again, I can refer you to these programs if you'd like. You can simply click on this link for InboxDollars, but for My Points, I have to refer you via e-mail. Inbox Dollars will give you $5 just for signing up.

Also, you can sign-up to be a Consumer Tester for McCormick. Up to 4 times per year, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in a Consumer Test. If you participate in the test, you will receive monetary compensation! I'm not sure I can do it because most seasoning mixes contain soy or corn, but I could always test them out on others :)

You can also enter daily to win $5000 in William-Sonoma kitchen merchandise.

I'm looking into this free program, Cozi, which helps to organize your life with reminders and things. I heard about it from the Super Coupon Girl.

And last but not least, you can get 14 hamburgers, a cutlery set and a cutting board from Omaha Steaks for only $1.98, including shipping! Go over to the other Super Coupon Girl's site to see how it works! (This deal is no longer available as Geico and/or Omaha Steaks changed the terms.)


Paige said...

Great tips Brenna! I too am signed up with several survey sites that pay in dollars or redeemable points. They really come in handy at Christmas time! :-) I can refer you and I'll sign up with the ones you are doing.
And if you know any teens who would be interested, G. found several teens only sites that do the same thing.

World Wide Weber said...

MyPoints offers points for more than just surveys and e-mails. For the last two years, MyPoints has provided a toolbar that gives members points for searching the internet. The MyPoints toolbar installs right on your browser and provides results from Google, Yahoo, MSN Live Search, and Ask so our member is sure to get great results, making it easy to earn points.

Members are awarded points that they then can redeem for gift certificates or gift cards from over 70 merchants.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a employee and toolbar user.

Paige said...

I used the MyPoints toolbar a year or so ago and it kept crashing my system so we had to take it out. It's a good concept though.

Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

aige, absolutely send me links to those survey sites :)