Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gluten-free Breakfast at Ula Cafe

We had to rise bright & early this morning to go to a pick-up for our
buying club we're part of. When we arrived at the Brewery in Jamaica Plain, where we have the pick-up, the truck that delivers our goods was not there yet, so we went over to the Ula Cafe to grab a coffee. Bear had not had his breakfast (I packed him a container of dry cereal), so of course when he saw all the pastries and baked goodies, he signed "Eat" and said "More, more" (yeah, sign language & speaking got a little confused in his brain).

I looked around, feeling fairly positive I would not find any dairy, soy & gluten-free options, when lo & behold! A beautiful little fig bar, wrapped in its own little wax paper, stared back at me! It had a complete list of ingredients, which included figs, quinoa, buckwheat groats, molasses, sunflower seeds, & a bunch of other things I've forgotten. He loved it, devouring almost the entire thing in a short amount of time. He did let me have a bite, and yum! It was very tasty.

Kudos to the Ula Cafe for making our morning! Oh, and the coffee is great. In fact, I said to Roy on my first sip, "This decaf is good" and on my second, "It's really good!"

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