Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Non-Green Smoothie!

I've know been officially doing Weight Watchers for 6 weeks, and I have lost 13.4 lbs. I had already lost 10 lbs before unofficially starting Weight Watchers, and then I lost another 6.5 lbs before officially signing up on-line. So my total weight loss is 29.9 lbs! I need to lose 13.6 more lbs in order to get to the top of my healthy weight range, and then ideally, I'd like to lose 5-10 more lbs. But we'll see :) I feel pretty good now - good thing I already paid for 13 weeks!

I have all sorts of reflections on the Weight Watchers program. I'm sure I'll do some summary posts when I finish doing it officially (I paid for 13 weeks), but for now, I'll save my thoughts for another time.

I'm cutting back on refined carbs & sugars this week, and because of that, eating more fruits, veggies & protein. Today, I had a green smoothie with breakfast and salad for lunch. It's mid-afternoon and I haven't eaten that many of my points for the day (I get 34!), so I decided to make a non-green smoothie for a snack. It was so pretty I had to take some pictures. And it was tasty too! The pictures don't do it justice, so make one for yourself.

Berry Wonderful Smoothie
2/3 cup plain yogurt
1/3 cup milk (I used coconut)
1/4 banana (I cut big bananas into 8 chunks and freeze, so 2 chunks is 1/4)
1 cup Marion Berry Blend (a friend gets this for me from Costco as a present!)
1 scoop brown rice protein
A little water for blending
4 drops stevia or a teaspoon of sweetener (honey or agave would work nicely)

Dump it all into your blender and go!! Yum. No greens necessary.

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