Monday, August 6, 2012

Marathon Training, Week 9: Discouraged

Here's how this week shaped up.

Monday: Rest (Rest)
Tuesday: Track workout: 800m warmup, 400m @ THRESHOLD, 800m @ TEMPO, 1600m @ TEMPO, 800 @ TEMPO, 2 x 400m @ SPEED, 400m cool down (ran one 400m @ 1:44) (Morning yoga/stretching and evening track workout)
Wednesday: 45 minute hill workout on elliptical (Longer Run)
Thursday: 4.5 mile run to the running store (Rest)
Friday: 2 mile run (Cross-training)
Saturday: 2 mile run (Shorter run)
Sunday: 3 mile run (Long run)

I'm actually feeling pretty discouraged in my running this week. I knew I needed new shoes, so I took it easy. The shoes I decided on are completely different than my last 3 pairs (which were 3 pairs of the same style of shoe), and my legs are struggling to adjust. I also either hurt my back on Saturday, or the shoes are making my back hurt, and as of today, it still hurts.

In general, my legs hurts most of the time, even when I'm not running, whether I run 10 miles a week or 40. It especially hurts to sit or drive. I will be going to a doctor Friday to find out if anything is actually wrong.

So, yeah. I still have well over 2 months to train and at this point, I could likely walk 26.2 miles even with a sore back. But it's hard not to feel discouraged.

I ran 14.98 miles this week.


Colleen said...

I am sorry you had a rough week. I hope that things adjust for you. Maybe the new sneakers are not working for you and you should return them? It takes me awhile to adjust to new shoes and I have returned a few pairs several times.

Brenna Kate Simonds, Living Unveiled said...

Thanks, Colleen. How do I figure out if they're not working? My last pair I was fitted for, I went out and ran 9 miles the next day, no problem. Maybe I'll call the store and see what they think.