Monday, February 8, 2010

Most Raw Monday, Part 2

Today is Monday, so it's time for Mostly Raw Monday, part 2!

A couple observations from last week:
This feels like a great way to do a natural "cleanse" of sorts after the weekend. I generally eat pretty healthily on the weekends, but since we tend to be out more, I may not get my green smoothies in. So focusing on smoothies and salads is a great way to start the week.
After eating high raw all day, I wasn't super-hungry for dinner. I defrosted what I thought was lentil soup but ended up being mujadara, a Middle Eastern lentil & rice dish. But it was rather tasteless. So instead of eating that, I ate 2 herbed cheesy biscuits that I made to go along with the soup. I had a meeting, so I got a black decaf there, but that was all. I didn't have a late night snack like I usually do.

Okay, enough observations. On to today's food :)

A couple handfuls of sprouted almonds
Green smoothie: 8 oz water, half an apple, half an orange, half a scoop raw chocolate rice protein powder, some hemp protein powder, about 8 oz of spinach, 8 or so collard leaves, a handful frozen kale and a frozen banana
About 2 oz of fresh raw almond milk - seeing if it was sweet enough before chilling it

Snack before heading out:
More sprouted almonds
A banana

We walked to "downtown", which is really just a congregate of stores about a third of a mile away to run some errands and pick up some produce. Bear fell asleep on the way home, so I got the dog and walked about another 1.5 miles. In the cold. Yow, my pants were not thick enough for all that freezing cold walking!

Snack upon coming home:
A few more sprouted almonds (can you tell I soaked almonds overnight and hadn't had a chance to put them in the dehydrator? They were sitting on the counter, calling my name.)

I had to resist the urge to make some hot soup for lunch. I was so cold from all that time outside!

Big salad with red leaf lettuce, red grapes, radishes, cauliflower, carrots, cukes & pumpkin seeds sprinkled on with the last of the King Garlic Hemp Dressing
Half a grapefruit
2 raw fudge chunks
A decaf Americano

Above is a picture of my salad :)

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